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its been over a year.... - Its Your Turn To Try. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Its Your Turn To Try.

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its been over a year.... [Sep. 28th, 2008|08:30 pm]
Its Your Turn To Try.
hey, so its been well over a year since i last used this thing.  things are OK in my life.  im getting ready to go back to our home in germany.  im so thankful that my summer has been filled with the people that matter most to me at this difficult time in my life.  ive grown as a person these last few months. i had alot of time to reflect on who i want to be, where i want to go, and who i want with me. 
                   its finally starting to settle in that my husband is coming home soon.  there are so many...TOO many emotions that come over me whenever i think about it. im happy excited horney hopefull elated impatient ....just to name a few...=] ive missed him so much. i never thought we would see the end. after going through all that we have ,we can do anything. this i am sure of.  im not looking foward to travelling home alone, with my two dogs but ill have my two very best friends there waiting for me. i miss my girls so much. they are truely the only ones who know what im going through.  and we help each other out so much.  
                  im most excited for my life to go back to normal. to being a real wife, as opposed to a long distance one. i cant wait to fall asleep next to, and wake up to my husband right next to me in bed. well maybe not RIGHT next to me, we have 2 very fuzzy sons that like to cuddle at the most inopertune times. but i miss that. i miss everything there is to miss about a human being. i just simply cant wait....
i love you, and miss you, i cant wait.

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